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Shaohu Zhang

Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science
Research Assistant
North Carolina State University
Email: szhang42 AT ncsu.edu


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[09/06/22] Glad to serve Artifact Review Committee in ACSAC'23
[08/30/22] Glad to serve Artifact Review Committee in PoPets'23
[05/10/22] It is my hounor to receive Summer Graduate Fellowship from College of Engineering. Thanks for the award CS department and COE have presented me!
[03/27/22] I was invited to serve as Replicability Committee by WiSec'22.
[06/10/21] My HandLock paper is accepted by RAID'21!
[09/10/20] WiHS paper was accepted by IEEE MASS'20!
[12/03/19] Passed my written exam!
[10/16/19] Naturalistic Driving Data project paper is accepted by TRB'20.
[01/07/19] TAing CSC453 Introduction to IoT in Spring 2019.
[05/09/18] I was awarded with COE graudate research award.
[01/09/18] Shaohu gave a talk in TRB'18.
[10/11/17] SmartCurve paper is accepted for presentation and publication by TRB'18.
[09/06/17] Glad to receive the NSF travel grant from MobiCom 2017!

I am a fifth(final) year Ph.D. student in Computer Science and expect to graduate in Dec 2022. I got my masters degree from South Dakota State University in 2017, where I studied both Civil Engineering and Computer Science masters. During my masters, I had worked on transportation data and mobile sensors data. Before that, I was a Logistics Engineer in Shanghai. I had worked on a number of projects on mobile sensor systems for Intelligent Transportation Systems.

During my PhD study, I had worked in the Wolfpack Interactive, Sensing, and Networking Lab advised by Dr. Muhammad Shahzad. I am currently a member of Wolfpack Security and Privacy Research Lab under guidance from Dr. Anupam Das. My research interests lie in the areas of sensor sensing, Internet of Things, security and privacy, with a special focus on the security and privacy challenges in mobile and IoT devices. I have been working on several mobile applications by applying machine learning on mobile sensors and other ubiquitous sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, WiFi, and microphones. Currently, I study and explore the security and privacy issues of voice assistants.

Research Interest:

  • Security and Privacy: Side-channel attack and biometric authentication with a special focus towards embedded senors in the IoT devices.
  • Wireless Sensing: RF signals based human/ object sensing applications to Intelligent Transportation Systems and smart home..
  • Mobile computing: pattern/activity recognition relating to bridging Cyber-Physical System and Machine Learning using smartphones and other sensors.


Courses taken from SDSU:
  • CSC705 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms, CSC710 Structure and Design of Programming Languages, CSC720 Theory of Computation, CSC770 Software Engineering Management, CSC601 Accelerated Computer Science fundamental (C++), CSC574 Computer Networks, GEOG786 Geographic information system (Python), STAT574 Statistical Methods II (SAS), CSC317 Computer organization & Architecture, CSC354 Introduction to Systems Programming, CSC445 Introduction to Theory of Computation, CSC446 Compiler Construction, CSC456 Operating Systems.
  • Courses taken from NCSU:
  • CSC791 Internet of Things
  • CSC565 Graph Theory
  • CSC773 Advanced Topics in Internet Protocols
  • Teaching assistant at NCSU:
  • CSC433 Privacy in the Digital Age, Spring'21
  • CSC533 Privacy in the Digital Age, Fall'20
  • CSC591 Internet of Things, Spring'20
  • CSC573 Internet Protocols, Spring'20
  • CSC453 Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) Systems, Spring'19

  • Computer Skills:

    • Programming Languages: Proficient in MatLab and Python, familiar with C++, Java, and R, experience with C, Objective C, and Swift.
    • Application Software: ArcGIS, Arduino, iOS App, Android App.


    • 2022 Summer Graduate Fellowship, College of Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2022.
    • Travel Award from SenSys'16, Mobicom'17, Mobicom'21 and CCS'21.
    • COE Graduate Research Award, College of Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2018.
    • Sigma Xi Graduate Research Award, South Dakota State University, 2016.
    • Best Undergraduate Thesis Award, Zhejiang Ocean University, China, 2010.
    • Excellent Student Scholarship, Zhejiang Ocean University, China, 2008.

    Professional Service

      Conference review/sub-review : IEEE S&P'21; USENIX Security Symposium'21; NDSS'21.
    Journal review : ACM Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies'19;IEEE IoT Journal'21; ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems'21

    Selected Publications: